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Deirdre Brickhouse 


I have a passion for food. I remember from a very young age; that food was my love language. In elementary school, I didn't miss not one day of school because, on Fridays, the perfect attendance got invited to the pizza parties. And when I say I didn't miss one day, I mean it. There was one time my parents begged me to stay home because I was so sick, looking like a zombie; I said nope, threw on my school uniform, and waited in the car... as the story goes, the school administrators called my parents like 2 hours later. But hey, I didn't miss a day. My love for food evolved to cooking by age 13; my goal was to cook the whole Thanksgiving myself, from turkey to desserts. I have a picture to prove it on my Instagram. I just enjoy the process of cooking, especially baking, the precision it requires, which makes sense as my degree is in chemistry. It's also how I show love; I cook for friends and family all the time. At social events, I am always requested to bring food. It started to get expensive, and so I started charging my friends, and they actually brought it from me. What made me specialize in Gluten free and vegan items was my own health struggles and seeing close friends missing out on celebrations because there weren't any alternative options. 


What makes my business unique is that I have the ability to make Gluten-free and Vegan items more accessible to the masses. We are in a time when dietary restrictions are available, but they can be limited. Also that my items are not good for being vegan/ GF, but they are great desserts that happen to be Vegan/GF. 



Hi!! The cake turned out FABULOUS and my mother loved it!! I actually went home with a few pieces lol, the frosting was exactly what I was expecting and my moms favorite part was the berry filling. Thank you so much for being able to create a cake that absolutely made her birthday-


The cupcakes were awesome! So cute!


Every bite is pleasing and satisfying. She makes amazing desserts as well

“There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate.” 

- Linda Grayson -

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